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TutorD Scholars is a hands-on educational platform, teaching urban youth in- demand 21st-century skills via online and in-person workshops. View our courses.

Learning Experiences

We create an engaging and thoughtful space
where the scholar comes first.

Either online or in-person, scholars receive hands-on experience working with leading experts from top companies and booming startups in the technology, marketing and communication industries.

scholar focused

With the whole student in mind, we at TutorD Scholars provide an inclusive atmosphere. We provide the laptops and also food the students making sun that we can meet as many needs as possible so that they can focus on learning.

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Transforming the workforce

Course Offerings

Customized to meet your needs.

We honor all learning styles and skill levels. And we will meet you where you are.

The team

Greetings! Meet your Tutors.

Brandon Bailey

CEO and Founder

As the founder and CEO of TutorD Scholars, as a software engineer with over ten years of experience, he knows that user-centered and easy-to-grasp educational approaches are essential to distinguish an excellent educational product and a life-changing product.

Kellee Bassaragh

Growth and Marketing

Kellee is the Director of Marketing and PR, and volunteers as a Educator as well, Teach how to make a campaign go viral. She has over 12 years of professional experience in her perspective field and brings a bright touch to TutorD Scholars.

Micheal Evans

Brand and Community Engagement

Mike is a Customer Success and Sales professional in IT, specialises in building blocks of the content and connecting with our core audience.

Tyler Grady

Curriculum Development

Tyler started teaching back in 2008. Since then, he has worked for a wide range of educational spaces in California. At TutorD Scholars, Tyler’s role means solving various visual design problems and building out curriculums so students may easily connect ideas and grasp concepts.

What our scholars say

I had a great experience with this program. The TutorD Scholars program taught me more about computer coding than I already knew coming in from my CS class and I would just like to say thank you for everything so far.

- B'yond Taylor, Scholar Zero

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- Tyler Grady, Former Web Dev Scholar

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- Jarrel Bailey, Studying Cyber Security

I had the pleasure of working with Tutor D Scholars last fall. It was amazing to work with other young professionals who are so talented. The dedication from the students was awesome to experience as well. Each weekend we got to work with the kids and see them progress from eager students to young adults with amazing potential. I am so happy I was a part of the program.

- Christina Day, Volunteer - UX/UI Designer

After going to the workshop it is apparent that TutorD Scholars is an organization that genuinely values and respects that everyone learns differently. During the class, I could see students feel more confident and empowered to learn and become curious...

- Aya Pogrebinsky, Volunteer - UX/UI Designer


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